BN Vitamin Pill Box

FULLY SEALED Store your vitamins in dry condition & prevent them from damaging. DOUBLE LOCK FEATURE Keep all your medicine in one place. 6 COMPARTMENTS Each compartment features separate lids, making removing vitamins easy. Using a pillbox will help ensure you take your vitamins & minerals daily. Serve as a Reminder Everyone gets involved in daily activities & forgetting medicines is a common occurrence. The best practice is to use our pillbox. Easy Organisation Efficiently organises & sort your medicines based on your daily requirement, reducing the stress of checking if you have taken your medication or not. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION For bariatric patients, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance. A lot from exercise to a healthy diet to keep the mind sharp contributes to a healthy routine—one of the essential steps in managing medication remiges that are at times quite complex. Using our pillbox can simplify this process and ensure your medications are taken on time every day. It's a medication management solution that gives independence to your everyday routine while giving you peace of mind that your medications can be taken at the proper time and dosage. While medication can ease pain and relax a rushing mind, it comes with a great deal of responsibility. Taking the proper medication at the right time is hard on its own, and adding in factors like multiple pill bottles, missed doses, and sorting a pillbox according to the proper schedule can all contribute to medication errors. Keep your pillbox visible and simply accessible to help you remember to take your vitamins. DIRECTIONS Gather all of the medications you take Read the instructions on the bottles and write a list of how many doses you need a day. Fill your pillbox following the list you wrote. Check to see if you will be out of medications next time you refill your pillbox. SAFETY INFORMATION Always keep your pill organisers out of reach of children. A SENTENCE PER KEY PRODUCT We know how important it is to live a whole and happy life. Using your pillbox enables you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time worrying if you’ve taken your vitamins or not. What are the product dimensions? Length = 12cm Width = 7.5cm Height = 2.5cm Your BN Healthy Pill Box can fit perfectly in your purse, pocket, bag. What are the care instructions? Wash your pillbox with warm water and soap, dry it with a soft cloth. What medications should I put in my pillbox? Only put the medications you take on a schedule in your pillbox. If you only take medications when you need them, such as medications for pain. Keep them separate from your scheduled medications. How long can my pillbox hold my medication? They can hold the doses of your medications for up to 14 days. Is the pillbox securely locked with an airtight seal? Our pillbox has been designed so your vitamins will not spill out and stay dry in even a harsh outdoor environment. It’s carefully crafted so your vitamins won’t break even if mishandled.