BN Multi weight loss surgery supplements
BN Multi weight loss surgery supplements

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Multivitamin capsules and chewable tablets for weight loss surgery
Calcium supplements for bariatric patients.
Iron supplements for weight loss surgery

Why Choose BN Multi?

BN Multi is Australia’s #1 supplier of multivitamins and supplements to weight loss surgery patients. At every stage of the bariatric surgery experience, our BN Multi range of multivitamins  and weight loss surgery supplements  are designed to support your general health and wellbeing.

After surgery your ability to digest and absorb nutrients has changed forever, so our multivitamins contain a comprehensive B-complex and trace minerals to support your nutritional needs. They are hypoallergenic, easy to digest and are stocked in clinics and pharmacies across Australia and New Zealand, as well as being available at the click of a button here on our website. 

With our bariatric supplements, free educational resources and supportive community, BN Multi is here to support you at each stage of your weight loss surgery experience. Congratulations on taking the first big step to a healthier, more energetic you.

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