BNspired Stories

People often say "Your limitations are only limited by your imagination"
But sometimes our imaginations need a little push a little inspiration.

The "bnspired program" is bn created to inspire our friends, family, people who are considering or who have already had weight loss surgery (WLS).

They didn't Just DO It! as Nike suggests they are "Doing it every day"

We would love you to tell us your story both good and the bad.
Share your experience and potentially leave us thinking.

Be that person that helped another to gain perspective and motivation to bnspired!

Share your Story

Spread the Inspiration

Challenge your Limits

Work on your own goals

Good things take time

Keep going, that's the main
progression rule

Never Give Up!

Be ambitious

Stay beside people who
make the impossible

It's time to BNspired!

Fill the form, clicking the button below, write your experience and every month we will add your story here!

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