Nutra Organics Thriving Protein Powder - Smooth Vanilla - 450g


Thriving Protein VANILLA

Thriving Protein is a unique, plant-based, nourishing powder built from organic whole foods to help you thrive after Gastric Sleeve or Bypass Surgery. Free from any gritty texture, Thriving Protein is the yummiest way to get a boost of wholesome nutrition into your family’s diet everyday.

A great non-dairy protein delivers goodness in the way our bodies recognise and process it best. With the perfect combination of certified organic whole brown rice protein and sprouted & bio-fermented organic pea protein, this nourishing formula delivers a complete and delicious protein source that pleases fussy tastebuds. Includes specialised bio-fermented pre & probiotic blend to help ensure that Thriving Protein supports gut health and is well tolerated in tiny tummies.


  • Great source of PROTEIN which is necessary for tissue building, repair, growth & maintenance of muscle mass and bones.
  • Contains FOLATE for normal growth & development and supports healthy mood
  • CALCIUM for maintaining normal teeth & bone structure. Calcium even contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes for gut health.
  • VITAMIN C for immune system function and normal growth & development in children.
  • PRE- and PROBIOTICS for gut support & tolerability - Lactobacillus spp. <5000 cfu (Colony Forming Units) per 30 g serving.
  • Complete AMINO ACID profile.
  • Suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.