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Portion management plate and Bowl
The focus is on Portion Control in the first year after bariatric surgery, to set you up for long term success for the rest of your life. After bariatric procedures such as Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass, your meals need to be a balance of the right ingredients (or macronutrients)
in the right quantity in the correct order: PROTEIN is always first!
Being able to visually assess the food on your plate is a fabulous habit to cement so that you are confident you are eating nutritious and balanced meals in the suggested portions for your best long term weight loss and subsequent maintenance.
The Portion Perfection bariatric portion plate designed by Bariatric Dietitian Amanda Clark, is specific for patients who have had any type of weight loss surgery. This bariatric plate is configured differently from the general portion plate for the general community. The plate is a practical tool to help with supporting a measured portion approach to your meals.
The importance of correct portion control for bariatric patients cannot be overstated for those who have had sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery, as protein is a large feature of the diet to maintain a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, prevent hair loss and promote fat loss and muscle retention correctly.
Portion control plates and portion bowls are also suitable after gastric band surgery, given the same need for simple and easy portion management is also very important.
You can add the foods in the appropriate sections of the small plate or bowl, to make sure your portion sizes are correct, and therefore, you can feel confident you are putting your best efforts into your end weight loss and health goals.
Totally portable and easy to clean, the portion perfection bariatric plate and bowl are a wonderful additional support product to add to your meal planning kit.
Refer to our YouTube channel for additional information on how to use your portion
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