Feel Good - Tasteless Protein Collagen Powder + BN Shaker

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Tasteless Protein Collagen Powder nourishes your hair, skin, and nails, and helps you meet your daily protein needs with ease after (WLS) weight loss surgery.

This absorbable protein powder is tasteless in both hot and cold drinks, and can be mixed with a wide variety of foods.

BN Multi always has your back in looking and feeling great.


BN Shaker:

Because you need a Protein Shaker Gym Bottle to mix your absorbable protein powder with liquids, we've included a 500ml BN Shaker - just for you!

BN Multi is always by your side in your journey to becoming the healthiest version of you.

Servings per package: 33

Serving Size: 15g (1 scoop)

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