Feel Good Protein Water Collagen + BN Shaker


Main benefit for WLS patients: helps keep you fuller for longer, helping you lose fat

Feel Good Protein Water is an amazing new drink that's full of protein and tastes sensational!

If you bloat from using dairy protein after your VSG or bypass surgery, then this is the drink for you! It is made with the highest grade of collagen available, is fully soluble, and is dairy/lactose free.

This protein water powder is easy to digest, and gives you the best protein.You can knock over your water and protein needs all in one! Add it to your BN Water Bottle and boost your protein intake easily without sugar or dairy.

Feel great and get the protein you need after (WLS) weight loss surgery. Feel Good Protein Water is perfect for everyday use. Whilst it's not a meal replacement, it will boost your protein intake when you need it, and will not blow out your calories.

Collagen is especially beneficial in the liquid and puree phase after your gastric sleeve or bypass surgery, as it helps your body heal better.

Directions for use:

For each scoop (1) take between 300ml of water and shake well with a shaker cup. Water level may be adjusted to suit your taste preference.

To achieve 15g of protein, a total of 2 scoops are needed. Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

BN Shaker - 500ml - Protein Shaker Gym Bottle - 2 Storage Compartments and 1 Pill Tray

  • Innovative bottle with flexible spring and inter-locking storage cups. Perfect for the gym, work, or outdoors.
  • The swinging movements of the spring blend and mix powdered drinks to a smooth consistency without lumps.
  • Two detachable storage cups for dry WLS protein powders, fruits, snacks, WLS multivitamin supplements, keys, or even cash. 1 WLS supplements holder with four sections for capsules and tablets.
  • Leak-proof screw lid with sipper. Measurement scale with markings in milliliters and ounces. BPA-free. Freezer-safe. Dishwasher-safe. Microwave-safe. Easy to clean. Capacity: 500ml.
  • Makes meeting your needs for protein simple and enjoyable after bariatric surgery.