Corset 28cm Waist Trainer - steel bone hooks

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The corset waist trainer is the shaper of choice for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and weight loss clinics worldwide. This revolutionary abdominal shaper provides instant results from day ONE. Its unique metal bones work to tighten the post-bariatric tummy, slimming down the waistline. 

This ultra-fit shapewear boasts of medical-grade compression, helping you squeeze into pre and post-surgery clothing comfortably, made from a lightweight and breathable material comprising polyester and spandex. If you have back pain or suffer from slipped disc or vertebrae problem, this corset can also help you adjust your body to a better posture. 

The carefully placed seams ensure you remain comfortable while limiting any additional bulk underneath your clothing. With three adjustable rows of hook-eye closures at the waist, helping prevent rolling or escaping. This waist shapewear will keep you looking your best from morning till midnight. 

Regain the Hourglass Figure

The steel-boned corset can effectively reduce the waistline, guaranteeing a better weight loss surgery result when the muscles and abdominal strength are weak.

Waist Sculpting Post-surgery

Wearing this shapewear every day will help accelerate weight loss, toning your body and flattening out your belly. This waist cincher trainer is perfect for post and pre-surgical patients in helping retain the results of surgery. 

Reap the Health Benefits

The steel bone significantly improves posture, avoiding muscle imbalance after weight loss surgery while offering good support for your back, rib, and hips. The garment supports strengthening the spine, hence reducing spinal compression. 


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