BN ''Staying on Track'' Kit


BN "Staying on Track" Kit:

If you are looking for some easy-to-follow tools to keep you focussed on your post Weight Loss Surgery journey - look no further than our Staying on Track kit. You will get everything you need to keep you motivated and heading in the right direction.

The BN "Staying on Track" Kit includes:

- Our latest book, "5 Things to Stop, to Start and to Think to Prevent Weight Gain" - which gives you an easy to follow roadmap to help reduce the danger of regaining post-surgery. Written by our Clinical Nutritionist and CEO, Jacqui Lewis, it's a handy tool to keep with you and refer back to overtime to keep yourself on track. 
- Our accompanying BN Calendar, which will keep you motivated with monthly challenges, tips, and tricks to kick old habits, handy tools such as a food journaling template and so much more!
- Plan out your week's meals and snacks with our handy Healthy Meal Planner - list everything from your evening meal, to your snacks, drinks, and treats!