BN Pure PRO Bag - WLS Protein Powder + BN Shaker

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BN Pure PRO:

BN Pure PRO, by BN Multi, is a whey (dairy) protein isolate that helps you retain precious muscle tissue in the rapid weight loss stage and beyond.

BN Pure PRO also enhances muscle growth and repair.

Being unflavoured, you can add BN Pure PRO to smoothies, protein balls, or baked foods to help you reach your daily protein targets with ease.

Gluten-free. 1.3% lactose.

BN Shaker:

Because you need a Protein Shaker Gym Bottle to mix your absorbable protein powder with liquids, we've included a 500ml BN Shaker - just for you!

BN Multi is always by your side in your journey to becoming the healthiest version of you.

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