20% OFF Christmas Support Bundle BN Caps  ONLY $ 175
Christmas Survival Pack BN Chews 20% Off ($125)

Christmas Survival Pack BN Caps 20% Off ($125)

$125.00 Regular price $157.50

20% OFF Christmas Survival Pack BN Caps ONLY $ 125 instead of $ 157.50
Get Ready to Survive Christmas with:
  • BN Caps 60 tablets x 2
  • BN Fibre 460g
  • BN Pure PRO 900g
BN Caps: Our easy to absorb Multi-Vitamins are designed specifically for post weight loss surgery and contain the recommended doses of A, B12, Iron Folate, Calcium and Vitamin D. These key nutrients are poorly absorbed after surgery and are key in immune function. Built to meet your increased nutritional needs after WLS.    
BN Fibre: Our easy to dissolve fibre is perfect to mix with soft foods or drinks to increase fibre in your daily diet. Mix instantly with 5gm of fibre in every serving. Sugar, lactose and gluten free.
BN Pure PRO Protein Powder: Perfect for smoothies, sprinkled on your food, or mixed with other dairy products. Naturally sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) for better absorption and enhanced muscle retention and growth,