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Vegetable Recipes (pre-op recipes)


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3 tips for making your pre-op diet slightly more tolerable

Although we all know that a pre-op meal replacement diet is important for reducing the size of our liver and making surgery safer, it’s not the tastiest of times. Try these three suggestions from dietitian Melanie McGrice to help you get through your pre-op diet.

1. Make your shakes with refrigerated water

Meal replacement shakes taste much better if they are made with refrigerated water than
room temperature water. If you don’t have access to refrigerated water during the day,
freeze a bottle of water overnight, then let it melt during the day for icy cold water in your
shake. If possible, use a blender or shaker rather than just simply stirring as well.

2. Be creative with your vegetables

You’re allowed to consume low starch vegetables whilst on your pre-op meal replacements,
in fact, it’s more than allowed, it’s a good idea! The more creative you can be with your
vegies, the more that you’ll be able to maintain your sanity during this time. Furthermore,
the vegetables are a great source of antioxidants and fibre to keep you from getting

Experiment with a wide range of approved herbs and spices such as mustard (spread over
grilled vegetables), coriander (to freshen up salads and soups) and soy sauce (to dress stir
fries). Make a meal plan in advance so you know what ingredients to buy. This will also help
to get your into healthy habits for after your surgery. Utilise a wide range of seasonable
vegetables, and grill, roast, dice and chop! Think tomato medley salads, cauliflower cous
cous pilafs, stuffed capsicums and zoodles. There’s loads of different types of vegetables
and condiments to be experimented with, so be creative!

3. Experiment with konjac noodles

Konjac noodles are a low carb vegetable that is shaped like rice or pasta. They will help to
add bulk to your dishes, and can be substituted for rice and pasta when that’s what the rest
of your family is eating. They are low in kilojoules and are allowed during your pre-op diet
phase. You should be able to find them at most major supermarkets.

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