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Becs Brutally Honest Recipe Book


Our newest addition to WLS recipe books comes from a fellow WLS member, Rebecca. After having WLS surgery, Bec has adapted her cooking to fit her new bariatric nutrition and appetite needs. Not only has she lost over 47 kgs since her surgery, she has also lived a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle, with food definitely being one of her main foundations. In this book, she will share with you her favourite foods after surgery, how to make them and helpful tips to easy cooking.

In her recipe book, you’ll find easy to follow recipes from condiments, one pot mains, to snacks and sauces to add spice and variety to your diet.

Each recipe comes with ingredient list for easy shopping, specific instructions and also the nutritional value per serving.

This book is perfect for food loving weight loss surgery members who are looking for new and exciting recipes to add diversity and enjoyment to nutrition.