Blue or Green Portion Lunch Box Blue
Blue Portion Lunch Box - 4 Compartments + Removable Inner Tray & Silicone Food Lids

Clear Replacement Inner Tray - 4 & 6 Compartments

$14.95 Regular price $16.99

Portion Lunch box spare/replacement tray 4-6 compartments

Why not add a replacement tray to your order for those days when you didn't quite get the dishwasher done or worse..the removable tray gets lost!
Or add a few and prep your lunches in the spare trays for the whole week - then just pop in the cover and go.  Fully prepared and geared for good food choices and portions

 Meal prep has never been this easy.   

  • inner tray made from safe & durable Tritan material making it long-lasting
  • designed to last 
  • Convenient
  • BPA Free