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BN Multi is here to support your gut and digestive health with our wide range of fibre, magnesium powder and minerals.
These high quality powders and minerals have the added benefit of helping you stay fuller for longer, helping you lose fat after Weight Loss Surgery.

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Soak Up the Benefits of Vitamin D After WLS

Vitamin D deficiency is common before and after bariatric surgery. Learn more about preventing and treating Vitamin D deficiency, and some great picnic spots to soak up some of the sunshine vitamin.

Real WLS Transformations from Real People

Reading and seeing Weight Loss Surgery stories is very motivating and inspiring to kickstart or continue your own WLS journey towards a better life. Read our remarkable BN family transformation stories.

The First Step to Overcoming Emotional Eating by Glenn Mackintosh

Discovering another way to deal with negative emotions is often the first step towards overcoming emotional eating. Learn and acquire simple strategies to improve your eating habits.

Portion Control

Managing portions after bariatric surgery are important to long-term health, helping you eat nutritional portion sizes.


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