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Skinnybik Bikkies - Weight Loss Biscuits - 30g

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Main benefit for WLS patients: help keep you fuller for longer, helping you lose fat

Skinnybik Bikkies have been reformulated by Dr. Kouris, a clinical dietitian, to be even healthier. They now have a 5-star health rating (up from 4.5!).

This was done by reducing the refined carbs, sugar, and calories even further, and by increasing plant protein and fibre.

Skinnybik Bikkies have been enriched with hunger-busting lupin, wholefood ingredients, and less dried fruit to keep sugar content low. The Bikkies also have no artificial or laxative sweeteners, preservatives, colours, or flavours.

They are bursting with natural plant proteins, good fats, and prebiotic fibres, and contain only 5g carbs, less than 2g of sugar, less than 99g of calories per serve of two Bikkies, and no gluten.

Skinnybik Bikkies come in the following flavours:

- Cocoa and Dark Choc Chip

- Cranberry and Coconut

- Date and Butterscotch