Myths and Facts about the 5 day pouch test

Myths and Facts about the 5 day pouch test

Myths and Facts about the 5 day pouch test

The 5 day pouch test WILL NOT…
– shrink your stomach
– reduce hunger and increase satiety (feeling of fullness)
– ‘reset’ your body
– cut your cravings for carbs and sweet/salty foods

1. Always delay your fluids from your solids foods.
–> Stop drinking 15 minutes before your meals/snacks and wait at least 30 minutes after eating to start drinking again. WHY? – Drinking and eating at the same time ‘flushes’ the food out of your stomach too quickly. This causes you to feel hungry soon after eating.

2. Take your time to eat.
–> Eating slowly and savouring your food without distractions increases satiety at meal times. WHY? – This gives your brain time to process that you are eating and lets you get the flavour fix you’re looking for.

3. Ask yourself if liquid protein snacks (aka ‘slider foods’) keep you full long enough (Ex. milk, yogurt, soft cheeses, cereal).
–> While these foods are nutritious and provide good quality protein, they may not help you feel as full as you felt in the first few months after surgery. WHY? – These liquid foods spend less time in your stomach which is why you maybe feel hungry soon after eating.

4. Include a high protein food at every meal and snack.
–> WHY? – High protein foods help keep you full longer.
In our opinion, the 5 day pouch test is just another diet in disguise. Anything that promises to ‘reset your system’, ‘boost your weight loss’, ‘cut cravings’, ‘kick start your metabolism’, ‘burn fat’, etc. is unfortunately wishful thinking.
There are no short cuts to healthy eating and lasting weight loss. There is only you, your pouch (i.e. your little stomach) and knowing how to use it!

How do I know if my pouch is still small?
Believe it or not, the majority of weight regain after bariatric/weight loss surgery is NOT related to having stretched your stomach. This is good news! In our experience, weight regain is more related to what you eat, the timing of your meals and snacks, and how you are eating. For example, if you feel comfortably full for 2-3 hours after eating the amount of food that fits on a bread plate, which includes a combination of protein, a small amount of grains, and some vegetables, your pouch is likely perfectly fine. 

The major reason for weight regain is the recurrence of unhealthy eating habits and/or lack of exercise. Maintaining weight loss requires a lifelong commitment to keeping up good habits and having support from family, friends, and your health care team. 
When something is not discussed in the whole of medical literature, even as a simple case report, it leads me to believe that there is no scientific basis for this reset diet. And simply thinking about how the gastric pouch and anastomosis works, it does not make logical sense to me how a 5 day regimen of liquid and puree diet could possibly shrink the gastric pouch. 
Often, the return of processed foods and sugar play a massive part of feeling hungry, not feeling satisfied after a meal or return of cravings. Reintroduce what you have learned: Increase protein and fibre and reduce simple carbs and you will strt to feel the difference very soon after

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