Healthy Foods That Could Slow Your Gains part3

Healthy Foods That Could Slow Your Gains part3

Healthy Foods That Could Slow Your Gains part3

The caffeine in coffee may help protect your brain cells against the damage that causes dementia, and your brew's antioxidants ward off disease. But if you order a large latte with whole milk, you'll be sipping up to 300 calories and 15 grams of fat. 

Get it guilt-free: Drink it black, and you set yourself back just 5 calories. Add a splash of fat-free milk and a teaspoon of sugar for just an additional 30 calories.

A container of plain yogurt contains just 100 calories and provides a dose of bone-building calcium. But one small cup of yogurt that comes with fruit on the bottom may contain up to 150 calories and 26 grams of sugar. 

Get it guilt-free: Buy plain, fat-free yogurt and add sweetness with fresh fruit and honey. Fat-free Greek yogurt is even better—it's naturally lower in sugar but contains double the protein to keep you satisfied longer.

Iced tea
Tea contains disease-fighting antioxidants and has been linked to improved heart health and reduced risk for dementia. However, drinking sweetened bottled tea may do your health more harm than good. These products are loaded with sugar, and one bottle may contain two or more servings. 

Get it guilt-free: Brew your own iced tea and add sweetener gradually to taste; you'll probably use less than you'd get from a bottle. Or, simply buy an unsweetened variety.

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