Dec 2020
Jacqui Lewis - BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

Tips for Christmas & Holidays After Weight Loss Surgery

Christmas doughnuts

1. Protein first still applies!

Principles of protein and low starch veg 80% of the time, and a few Christmas treats here and there in the other 20%. Roast chicken, turkey or lamb and fresh seafood are great options.

Eat this part of your meal first as you normally would and you are off to a great start!

2. Think about your drinks!

Go for low calorie options such as soda water with lime, fresh made lemonade is also very satisfying. Aim to have no alcohol, as it contributes absolutely no nutrition to your body, but does contain lots of calories.

If you wish to have some though, keep to no more than 1-2 standard drinks.

3. Desserts

Try to stay away from heavy desserts if you can! Christmas pudding is likely to sit very heavy and is high in calories too.

Try something lighter i.e. a small amount of Pavlova with fresh fruit. Only have dessert if you feel like it and are not overfull from lunch or dinner.

4. Managing multiple big meals

Stick to a regular size meal appropriate for your stage, and similar to what you would have at each meal at home. 

Keep other snacks and treats to a minimum, and if you do go for a small amount of dessert stick to lunch or dinner, not at both.

5. Do not skip meals the day before for over-indulging!

Skipping meals to compensate for overindulging on Christmas day is not the answer.

Try to maintain a regular meal pattern and continue to eat to our hunger and satiety.
Aim to keep over-indulgences to a minimum on Christmas in the first place.

6. For bypass patients - beware of Dumping Syndrome

Often patients experience their first episode of Dumping Syndrome out of the home or at social occasions. 

Be aware of this and remember it can be both food and drinks high in sugar that can cause it. 

Try to keep these choices to a minimum so you can hopefully avoid this.

7. If travelling, don't forget to pack your vitamins!

This is an important one! Christmas can still be very enjoyable after weight loss surgery.

 You just have to remember our basic principles of protein and low starch veg 80% of the time, and a few Christmas treats here and there in the other 20%.

Just try to keep things balanced so that you do not make yourself sick by becoming too overfull!

BN Multi is here to support you in smashing your Christmas weight loss surgery goals with WLS protein and protein water powder to help you stay fuller for longer, WLS accessories to help you portion meals, and WLS supplements that help prevent nutritional and vitamin deficiency after bariatric surgery.

Jacqui Lewis
BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

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